Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Monument of the Teardrop!

From Tasim Aliaj, Writer

A monument from the teardrops! An ocean from the teardrops! As much as a paradox this metaphor may be, it is coming from a woman far away, yet so close. We have in our hands a collection of verses written full of spontaneity and feelings capturing a human message. That way the ocean and the monument of the teardrops begin to fade from its metaphoric form and start to outline a reality.

Kozeta Zylo’s verses confirm an ancient truth: this land and its people have never missed the tears. They are tears of exile, tears of longing, tears of sadness, tears of happiness, tears for the martyrs, for the victims, for the injustices, for leaving the family and the motherland, for the Christian message, for the sun in the motherland that she does not feel, for the parent that departs this life with no child near, for a stone in Mezhgoran, for the rocks in Trebeshina, for a childhood flower, for a hidden tree... If you were to gather all these tears, suggests the poet, an ocean bigger than the earth would be formed. Nonetheless, the surprise of Kozeta’s metaphor is directed elsewhere; there is no release, no drowning from this ocean, or sadness, or glumness. Quite the opposite, The Monument of the Teardrop carved by the verses’ chisels is above all, hopeful. The personification of life’s survival, of the challenge to pain and loss, of love to everything must be embraced and of the strike must be thrown away.

The obvious social and patriotic dimension of this collection gives her poems an investigator attributes. Along the same line, her verses are soft and daring to the years to the past and to the future; to the people’s fates and those of places making Kozeta’s poems more tangible and more profound.

The country, the individual, the society are the offspring’s and the garden where this poetry is planted. While mostly written in the United States of America, where the poet resides and works, the verses’ sounds and flavor are entirely those of Albania.

The touching humanism, the goodness poured in verses full of spontaneity and sentiment, the disagreement with the bad and the appalling, being those in the life of the individual, the country or the nation, are the foundation of this poetry.

These verses testify once more the truth, that the art of poetry is that of a heart’s flame and a mystery to the soul.

The poet’s voice is left as a shivering echo to remind ourselves to love one another, to learn how to love and what to love. Simultaneously, we are not to forget the foundation stone for the country’s creation, which survived and survives from love and bloodshed, hard work, longing and the sacrifices. He, who these forgets only, denies himself. This is one of the most direct messages that Kozeta Zylo brings through her art, a message that inspires, pains, longs, saddens, while in the mean time it gives her strength and courage to always be creative and take part in her land.

Once the reader finishes reading this collection of poems and learns that the poet lives for some years in the U.S.A; has immersed in an intellectual and scholarly circle; is very active and engaged in activities, the reader might ask: how is it possible that being so “comfortable” far away, she is able to feel and experience so deeply Albania?!

I would say: because she lives in the human kind’s space, in the past, in the present, in the future, because she is at the same far and close, because those that the geographical space prevents and separates, are soften by the soul’s touch.

Lastly, I would end this short reflection with a saying from a famous Arabic American scholar: “A poet is he, who after reading his poems one is left with the feeling that his best poems are yet to be read.”

Tasim Aliaj
Tiranë, Shtator 2005


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